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Understanding all those lights on your dashboard

Did you ever try to start your car without putting your foot on the brake? If so, not only did your car not start, but you probably are now facing an impressive collection of various lights in the display panel behind the steering wheel. Ever wondered what they all mean?

Dashboard light 2

For one, they often are not good news. So, a good rule of thumb here is that you do not want those warning lights to be on. If they are, more often then not you should plan on stopping at your dealership for a checkup sooner rather than later.

That said, it always helps to know what you are dealing with. So with a little help from Metrotown Mazda we have come up with a short list of warning lights that need to be checked.

Check engine

Check engine

The check engine light can come up for a variety of reasons, but not all of them are problematic. Sometimes, it can just be that your gas cap is not properly closed. That said, you do not want to ignore it.

Oil pressure light

oil pressure

More than likely, you are running low on engine oil. This is not a warning that should be ignored. Motor oil serves to lubricate the internal moving components of your engine and without it, the friction and heat created inside a combustion engine will lead to significant problems.

Engine temperature warning

engine temperature warning

This warning means that your engine is too hot. You may have a problem with coolant, and this is one warning that is very important not to ignore. If your coolant is low, you can significantly damage your engine.

Tire pressure

tire pressure

Most vehicles now come with a tire pressure monitoring system. If you have a flat tire or one of your tires is not inflated properly, you will get this warning. However, remember that if you put winter tires with different wheels on, your warning light may activate because your new wheels do not have a TPMS sensor in them.

SRS Airbag warning light


This warning light means there is something wrong with your vehicle’s airbag system. It is rare to see this warning light, so you may want to drop in to your local dealership and see what is happening.


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