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VIDEO: He’s selling his Tesla Model S because the tires are worn down

A vlogger recently discovered that the web can be merciless when we expose our incompetence to an audience that is often looking for anything to criticize.

This time, however, the victim is more than deserving of the Internet’s wrath. All this started when the man in question announced to the world in a video published on YouTube that he was selling his 2013 Tesla Model S P85 because it had become dangerous.

More specifically, the rear end would start to slide out as soon as the pavement was wet and the owner no longer felt safe.

The real cause of the problem quickly becomes evident when the camera lands on the rear tires of the Model S which are completely worn down.

According to the owner, however, it’s the car’s fault.

It’s rear-wheel drive, and it has too much power, and that’s why the tires are worn down. No argument here, but that does not mean that Model S is dangerous. Ultimately, he should have expected that an electric vehicle that sends more than 400 horsepower to the rear wheels would wear down its tires faster than a traditional car.

Four new tires could have solved the problem, but the gentlemen preferred to sell his Model S and buy … a Model X.

We are done here.

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