Volkswagen is hard at work looking for ways to rectify its recent past. The best way, according to them, is to develop, introduce and sell zero-emission vehicles. The e-Golf is already available in some markets but not all customers will find their needs met in a compact hatchback.


Enter the I.D. Buzz. This modern interpretation of the classic and highly desirable Type 2 Bus could be the answer to most family needs. The upright “minivan” is all cabin and features an enormous amount of space for people and gear. Based on the brand’s Modular Electric Drive (MEB), it sports two electric motors that promise not only performance, but range.

With a combined output rated at 369-horsepower, the Buzz will be quick with an estimated 0-100 km/h time of 5 seconds. One motor will run the front wheels, while another, located under the load floor, as it should, will motive the rear wheels. The 111 kWh battery will enable the van to travel over 400 km before it needs a charge. 80% of said charge will require only 30 minutes.

The VW Bus, or Kombi, is not only a 50s-icon-meets-the-21st-century style wise. VW has endowed the vehicle with fully autonomous driving capabilities. In fact, at the push of a button, the steering wheel retracts thus allowing the front seats to turn 180 degrees, transforming the Buzz into a rolling lounge. Will they build it? We certainly hope so!


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