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Watch out for those pesky potholes

Our roads are getting warmer by the day as snow and ice melt away. As the roads clear up, you gain more confidence and worry less about potential safety issues. That said, there are still dangers out on the road when spring rolls around, one of them being the potholes that you are about to notice a lot more. Potholes ...

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How to prepare your vehicle for spring

spring cleaning

Spring is officially upon us. Even if we didn’t have that harsh of a winter, at least most regions didn’t, we are still happy to witness the return of warmer temperatures in recent weeks that made short work of the snow we had on the ground. For those who like their car, spring is probably the best time of the ...

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Buying your first car? Here are a few tips

buying a first car

Buying your first vehicle is an important step, but it can also be a bit nerve-wracking for many of us. A simple internet search reveals that there are a lot of models that are available to consumers, and it can be easy to get lost in everything and not know where to start. Here are some tips to help you ...

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What manufacturers are doing to improve gas mileage

It’s not a secret, consumers want to pay less at the pump. For most, they want fuel-efficient vehicles and that is why manufacturers are making significant efforts to improve the fuel economy of their vehicles. But how do they do that exactly? First, let’s put aside electric and hybrid vehicles, and instead turn our focus towards technologies that improve the efficiency ...

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What you need to know about a hybrid car

What is a hybrid car? The question seems simple and in actuality it is. However, for many consumers, the answer is still not precise and it is probably because they have not yet taken the time to focus on this type of vehicle. As the price of fuel continues to rise and the reality sinks in that we need to be careful ...

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