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The three mistakes to avoid when it comes to winter tires

Three mistakes to avoid winter tires

We can already feel the cold approaching. The leaves on the trees have gone from green to bright reds and oranges, and now they are starting to fall. Winter is upon us, and that means that it’s time to start thinking about winter tires which have been mandatory for drivers in Quebec long enough that most of us are aware ...

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BMW Confirms i8 Spyder Convertible

BMW i8 Spyder concept convertible

Four years after unveiling the BMW i8 Spyder Concept in Beijing, BMW has finally given the green light to begin producing a convertible version of its i8 flagship plug-in vehicle. That said, we still have to wait a little longer as the i8 Spyder will likely be produced towards the end of 2017 as a 2018 model. The news was ...

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Genovation GXE: the $750,000 Electric Corvette

Genovation GXE Front

The fastest electric car in the world isn’t built by Tesla or by another automaker that spent hundreds of millions of dollars in R&D to develop it. Nope. The fastest EV in the world is the Genovation GXE, and it’s built in Maryland by a small company that despite limited resources (compared to major manufacturers) managed to create an eco-friendly ...

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Top 5 winter tires for 2016

Five best winter tires

It is never easy to rank the best tires, particularly for the winter season. The reality is that there are several quality winter tires on the market, but most consumers each have specific and varied needs that ensure that there is no one right tire for everyone. These needs especially vary depending on where one lives. Motorists driving daily in ...

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BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 : BMW’s motorcycle of the future

BMW Motorrad 100 Vision Next

BMW is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year with a host of special events and unveilings all over the world. So far this year, three prototypes showcasing BMW’s vision of the future of transportation have been presented. Last week in Los Angeles marked the fourth unveiling where the German automaker presented its theory on the future of the motorcycle industry, ...

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Why you must have a survival kit for your vehicle in winter

We all know, winter is unpredictable. Generally, drivers are able to spend the winter without too much trouble, but we never know when the unexpected will occur. It has happened before that vehicles and their occupants have been stranded for hours on a road that suddenly had to close waiting for help. So you have to be ready, and the ...

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