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When should I change my summer tires?

It’s autumn. We feel it when we wake up in the morning and when we are coming home at night. Although September gives us glimpses of summer, there is no denying that things are going to get colder before they get warmer, especially during October and November.

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Many wonder then if it’s not time to change our winter tires. The law requires cars to be equipped with winter tires in Quebec starting on December 15th, but we all know that the first snowstorm will take place well before that. If one does not want to end up driving on ice with summer tires, you have to plan ahead.

Summer tires lose their effectiveness once the temperature drops below seven degrees. Once this temperature is reached, the rubber is too hard and the tire loses its grip on a cold surface. That is why we must consider changing our tires when weather outside drops below 10 degrees regularly, usually from mid-October until early November.

That said, it will be a busy period at that time for dealerships and tire centers. So if we do not want to end up with an appointment in December, it’s better to book it fairly quickly, ideally in early October.

Now, the other question to ask is whether it’s time to replace your tires. The answer is yes if the thickness of thread is less than 6/32”.

“The law requires a minimum thickness of 2/32” of an inch and the thread-wear indicators must not touch the road. That said, if the thickness is less than 6/32”, it’s likely that your tires will not survive winter. Moreover, their effectiveness will be greatly reduced, “says a technical adviser at Lallier Kia Vimont.

So first of all, check the wear on your tires. If they are still in good shape, the only thing left is to book your appointment, ideally before November!

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