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Essential tips to prepare your vehicle for winter

Winter is approaching, we can feel it and we know it. As a motorist, we will soon have to deal with the cold, snow-covered roads, and icy slopes. For our vehicle, these conditions are far from easy. That said, if we take some precautions, it will be possible to spend the winter without causing too much harm to your vehicle’s mechanical components of our vehicle and thereby preserve its reliability and durability.


Here are some important tips to ensure that our vehicle is ready for winter, courtesy of the after-sales department at Mercedes-Benz Ottawa.

Have the right winter tires

If we want to survive winter, we have to make sure our tires are still in good condition. There are several ways to check if our tires are still in good shape, but the important thing is that the tread must be at least 6/32 of an inch thick before the start of the season to ensure that our tires will be able to perform all season.

Perform maintenance

Winter is not kind to your car and if your car is not in perfect mechanical condition before the arrival of the cold season, you might have some problems this winter. So it is wise to have a full mechanical inspection before the first snowfall.

Check the battery

If you skip the full inspection, at least make sure that your battery will be able to supply your vehicle’s electronic components this winter and more importantly, ensure that your battery is capable of starting your vehicle this winter without any trouble.

Prepare a survival kit

Make sure you always have a survival kit. The latter should include water, booster cables, warm clothing, a shovel, de-icing salt, a cellphone charger and non-perishable food.

Consider protecting your vehicle’s body and your interior

Winter can damage your vehicle’s interior very quickly. It is therefore important to have winter mats to prevent calcium from marking your carpet. To protect your vehicle’s paint and body, consider installing a “wrap” or other protective product. Finally, replace your summer wipers by specially designed winter windshield wipers in order to have better visibility.

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