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It’s fall, time to change how we drive

Although it’s still warm outside and September continues to give us a host of sunny days, we all must face reality: winter is approaching. But before the snow falls and the cold rolls in, we have fall to help us get ready.

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Nights are getting colder and there is a bit more rain. We must also worry about the dead leaves on the road. All this may seem trivial, but the reality is that roads will become quite slippery in the coming weeks and it will be important to modify our driving behavior in order to avoid getting into trouble, especially if our tires are no longer in tiptop shape.

Here are some things that drivers need to watch out for as we move towards winter.

The leaves

Dead leaves will increasingly cover the road in the coming weeks. If they are wet, these leaves turn the road into a skating rink. We must therefore be wary and drive more slowly when the road is covered with leaves.

Light rain

As we all know, autumn tends to be a little wet. The rain also happens to be colder, and the road is also cold, which means an increased risk of black ice. When it’s rainy, we have to be extra careful, especially if our tires are not in great condition.

“Sometimes, our summer tires are at the end of their rope in fall. That’s when we have to be extra careful driving on wet roads”, says a service technician at Morrey INFINITI of Burnaby.

Cold nights

If we leave the house early in the morning, it’s important to remember that the roads may be icy because nights are increasingly colder, often below freezing.

Driving in autumn does not require as many adjustments as it does when winter has arrived, but it’s nonetheless pretty good practice!

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