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Family Car: Minivan or Three-row Crossover

Now that you have a family, your concerns turn to the type of car you will have to get. However, you know that you need more space, more versatility, and it may well turn into a family vehicle, one option is a minivan.


Your pride takes a beating, and you hope that a three-row crossover will be able to adequately replace the minivan. Perhaps, but you must first be aware of your needs. The minivan has serious advantages as a family vehicle. The sliding doors conveniently fulfill some of your most basic needs. They open easily, often with a small electric or hand movement, allow you to park in tight places without too much difficulty, and are even designed to allow your little ones to climb aboard alone.

Indeed there are a lot of things that you can do in a minivan that you cannot do in a crossover, no matter the model. Then there’s the second-row seats, often captain seats, that offer a lot more comfort.

Finally, do not neglect the much easier access to the rear seats and the third row of seats. It becomes easier to install a car seat without having to become a contortionist from Le Cirque du Soleil.

 Do not completely put away the idea of a crossover. Although it is more difficult to get into, it also has its advantages. It is notably more often equipped with all-wheel drive, an important safety feature in winter. Crossover’s are also more fun to drive and generally more stylish

Then their is the driving experience. The crossover will generally be more fun to drive, and of course many buyers do not want to be seen in a minivan, figuring that it makes them look like they settled down. That’s all a question of opinion of course

Thank you to Guelph City Mazda for their help with this article

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