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ADVICE: Five tips to follow when traveling with a dog

Summer vacations are just around the corner, and this year you decided to take the car and the family to the beach, or to a cottage that you have just rented. Of course, you are bringing doggo with you on the trip, which any dog owner will understand. It is difficult, after all, to be separated from our pooch, even for just a week.

Many motorists travel regularly with their pet. If this is your case, and you want to be certain that your dog will be safe when you are traveling, here are some tips to follow, courtesy of the ASPCA and Glenmore Audi.

Do not let your dog walk freely in the cockpit

We love Fido, but he is not necessarily aware of the dangers he may pose if he walks freely in the passenger compartment. He can easily distract the driver, and should a collision occur, he could easily be injured if he is not restrained in some way. For this reason, it is recommended to choose a specially-designed fastening system, or a cage that is fixed to the rear seat or with fasteners in the trunk.

Let your dog get used to the cage several weeks before departure by installing it in the house. This way, your dog will be in a known environment once in the car. Also, avoid letting your dog stick his head out of the vehicle, even if he loves to do so, in order to prevent him from being hurt by flying debris or rocks.

Get your dog on the road

Before the big trip, make sure you take your dog out in the car in order for him to get used to travelling in the car. In doing so, he will be accustomed to the movements of the vehicle and therefore calmer during the long journey.

Be prepared for anything

Be sure to cover the seats and carpets in your vehicle, and have everything you need to clean up any unfortunate mess. In addition, plan in advance the places where you can stop and walk him along the way.

And finally, never leave your dog alone in the car, especially when it’s hot outside…

Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Ottawa Downtown for helping put together these tips!

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