How to survive winter driving

Like most drivers, you admire white winter landscapes when inside, but you curse them when it comes time to take your car. By taking a few precautions, however, you can make your life easier and make your car a whole lot more enjoyable to live with during the winter.



Firstly, never leave the house without having completely cleared off your vehicle. It’s tempting to just clear the windows, but don’t forget the roof where snow that has accumulated can fall when you brake, making it impossible to see outside if it is heavy enough to prevent the wipers from doing their job.

In order to properly clear the snow, it’s important not to skimp on the broom, ice scraper and windshield washer. These three tools will ensure trouble-free visibility throughout the season.

Speaking of the scraper, there are good ways and bad ways to use it. Tirelessly scraping totally frozen surfaces is often unnecessary and exhausting. Find a small corner of the window where the ice has melted slightly, and start there. You will avoid great effort and reduce your scratching time by half.

Before doing all of that, have a look the temperature forecasts. This will allow you to plan your trips according to the announced weather. Sometimes, we do not have a choice but to drive in a snowstorm while other times, we simply do not see it coming, but checking the weather before heading out on the road will help avoid bad conditions when possible.

And finally, when you know a storm is coming, remember to turn off your wipers before exiting the vehicle. Better yet, raise your wipers so that do not get buried under 10 inches of snow.

Thank you to Morrey Nissan Coquitlam for their help with this article!

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