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How to improve your vehicle’s resale value

The resale value of a car is an important consideration for consumers, but it is rarely taken into account when the initial purchase of the car as new is made. It is when the time comes to sell the car that we realize that some elements that we could have added at the beginning could have made a significant impact on the amount we receive for our vehicle.

improve resale value

‘When consumers are looking for a used car, they are often looking at things like reliability, the features included in the vehicle, how well it was maintained, and so on. These are things we can take care of from the first day we buy the car,’ says a sales representative at Belleville Toyota

So if you are about to buy a new car, here are some things to take into account to help you get the best resale value for your vehicle in a few years.


Well-equipped cars are generally easier to sell, which in turn immediately improves resale value. In addition, the difference between the price of a base model and a fully-equipped vehicle is less in the when the car is used than when it is new. This is why many consumers usually turn to a vehicle that has more features when buying a used model.

So opt for features such as a sunroof, automatic transmission, leather seats, navigation system, dual-zone climate, larger rims, heated seats and xenon headlights at the time of purchase. These are all features that buyers want when looking for a used car.

Service and maintenance

It is important to properly maintain your car when you own it. Perform oil changes and other service requirements at the prescribed times, and make sure not to let rust or body damage go uncared for. A well-maintained car with a clear service history is generally easier to resell.

Choose the Right Model

Some cars are easier to sell than others. If one opts for a popular model, it will be easier to sell in a few years. In addition, look for vehicle with a proven reliability record and if possible, avoid models with an uncertain future. Finally, the color is an important consideration. A black or gray car, everything else being equal, will be easier to resell than a yellow or red model, unless we talking about a sports car.

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