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Mazda is preparing the next generation of SKYACTIV engines

Mazda3 SKYACTIV engine

Mazda has made their SKYACTIV technology the focus of their sales campaigns in recent years. It seems that this will be the case yet again in 2020, when the second generation SKYACTIV engines will be launched.

According to Automotive News, the Japanese automaker’s are already working on developing the next generation SKYACTIV technology, to be released at the end of the decade. Mazda will then introduce their third generation SKYACTIV 3, five years later in 2025. Improvements to the SKYACTIV system will aim to meet the next European environmental standards, which are far more strict, over the next 10 years.

Among the innovations that will be reflected in the next SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, there will be a new stop-start system  that will improve fuel economy by approximately 30 percent. Mazda would also like to reduce the loss of energy on their current engines, in addition to improving the cooling system.

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