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Selling your car yourself, here is what you need to know

With spring just arriving, many consumers are likely to want a new car. In such a case, you have two options about what to do with your previous car. You can trade in the vehicle at your dealership, or sell it yourself. If you go with the first option, remember that the amount you will receive will be lower than if you sell it yourself. This is normal after all since the dealer will need to sell the car for a profit.


On the other hand, the amount obtained in exchange for the car is calculated before taxes on the amount of our next car while the amount that is given in cash (for example if it is obtained by an individual when we sell the car) is calculated after taxes. You should also know that selling a car ourselves takes time, so the effort needed may not be worth the difference in price that we receive.

But that is a discussion for another day. Let’s say that you do decide to sell the car yourself, here are a few tips that will help you sell it faster.

“Selling a car, whether in a dealership or between individuals, is not always easy. That said, there are few things you can do to make the process quicker, “says a sales representative from Kitchener Kia.

To help you sell your vehicle quickly, here are some tips.

Clean the car

Make sure your car is clean, especially inside, and especially if you have someone who comes to see the vehicle.

Repair the body

You can always take off a few dollars from the selling price of your car if it has flaws, but it is also wise to repair the body to make it look better before selling.

Find your documentation

Put together all the bills you have accumulated when you owned the car, particularly those related to the maintenance that you have done on your car.

Put it everywhere and take good pictures

Make sure you put your car on sale on several used car sites, and ask your friends to share the fact that you need to sell your car on the various social networks. Also, be sure to take lots of pictures when you put your car online. This will help you since most sellers do not put a lot of pictures.

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