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Sources of useful information when choosing your next vehicle

There are so many sources of information available on the market right now that you can use to help you decide which vehicle you will purchase next. Yes you can read all the reviews written on every vehicle that interests you, and you can ask your friends, and you can visit various forums as well.

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All of these sources of information are great and will allow you to make a wise buying decision when the time comes to replace your current vehicle. That said, if you truly want to be thorough, there are a few other sources of information that can be of great help.

“Buyers who want to make sure they are making the right decision when buying a new vehicle will often visit websites like AJAC or the NHTSA to find out even more information on a particular model. It’s often an easy step, and can confirm your initial idea to buy this car or that car, or send you back to square one if you find out that a model did not perform so well in a given category, or isn’t as safe as some competitors”, says a sales representative at Audi of Kingston.

Here are other sources of information you can consult before buying your next vehicle.

Awards and rankings

There are a ton of awards out there and a bunch of websites publish rankings of vehicles in various categories. These rankings can be quite useful in helping you determine how a vehicle stands out against its competitors. You can visit, for example, the Automotive Journalist Association of Canada’s website, or the North American Car of the Year website, or simply visit the manufacturer’s website. If a given model has won some sort of award or is a part of a list, you can bet you will know about it on the automaker’s site.


These two organizations evaluate the safety of new vehicles. A quick visit to each website will help you determine how safe a given model is compared to similar models.

Government websites

Ministry of Transport websites will tell you if a given vehicle has a recall on it or not, of it has had many recalls in the past. Some governments, like Canada, offer a recall database that you can look into.


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