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Reduce the effects of winter on your car and you

Winter has arrived. Good say winter sports enthusiasts while for others, now begins five or six months of slightly chaotic driving, mixed with unpredictable, usually very cold weather. But regardless of whether we like it or not, winter is here, and we have to deal with it. Your car will also feel the effects of winter. Not only from a ...

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A few tips to get out of the snow

At some point this winter, there is a good chance that unfortunately, you will be stranded in the snow. Indeed, icy roads and deep snow banks means that it gets harder to get up hills or get out of your parking lot, and we must resign ourselves to the fact that we will probably have to get out of a ...

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A few tricks for driving in winter

With winter fast approaching, the moment has come to remind ourselves of a few tips and tricks that will help us get through the winter months without any unfortunate incident. Driving in winter is not easy, and we tend to forget that we must adapt our driving habits when the road gets snowy or icy. The key to driving in ...

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